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15 - 29 August, 2011: Summer University Course at Svefi Academy
funded via the Swedish Institute Baltic Program (Visby Program)

Title of the Summer University Course: The Open Society - Sweden as an Example, Human Rights in Sweden and Swedish Involvement in Human Rights Issues in the World

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Information from Svefi Academy / Short Course Description

The objective of the undergraduate course "The Open Society - Sweden as an example, HR in Sweden and Swedish Involvement in HR Issues in the World" arranged by Svefi Academy, is to demonstrate to the participants how the Open Society works in Sweden, how HR are applied on different levels and in different areas in the society as well as consider Sweden's involvement into HR issues and its role in the world. - Participants will be able to reflect on the role of the open society and its role in promoting human rights, analyse and compare situation in their own countries and in Sweden in such areas where discrimination occurs, such as national minorities, freedom of speech, rights of the people with disabilities etc. - Participants will get an overview of how the principles of openness and accessibility are realised in the border region and across the borders with our Swedish-Finnish HaparandaTornio region in focus, you will have a chance to analyse how people can put efforts together, find advantages in cooperation and influence the situation in their community and their region in a positive way. - Participants will get an overview of the role and work carried out by the state, mass media's and NGOs' in order to promote and protect HR within different areas by providing information, debating issues in the mass media, campaigns, networking between different organisations. - Participants will get a better understanding and information about practical work with protecting human rights, i.e. parallel reporting, distribution of the information on HR, follow-up and supervision carried out by the individuals, NGOs and the state. - Participants will get a better understanding for Sweden's standpoint and involvement into the HR issues in Europe and in the world.

Information from the Swedish Institute

The Swedish Institute (www.si.se) is funding the Seventh Summer University Course with a number of different intensive one or two-week courses dealing with such topics as The Open Society and Sustainable Development with the focus on the Baltic Sea Region. The target group are the students, teachers and Ph.D students from Belarus, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine with the possibility for the students from Estonia, Latvia, Luthenia and Poland to join the course. This special initiative will run during June, July and August 2011 at universities and folk high schools across Sweden.

The aim of the Swedish Institute Summer Course is to generate even more interest for cooperation with and studying in Sweden. Individual courses within this programme have different profiles (see the specific course descriptions) but all of them consist of lectures, discussion groups and workshops, where students from different disciplines and countries can discuss and debate the topics covered by the lectures. The Summer University also offers an excellent opportunity for students and young researchers to acquaint themselves with Sweden and its educational system as well as to find a lot more about cooperation possibilities with Sweden. Participation in the summer course will offer you new knowledge, help you familiarize with Sweden as a country and give you an inspiring network.

Short Practical Details: Travel grant, Accommodation, Meals and Study Visits
Practically all the costs of participation in the Summer University are covered by the Swedish Institute. Travel costs will be refunded to the Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian participants with a grant of SEK 3000 (about €320) upon completion of the full course period. Swedish Institute will also cover participants' accommodation (double or single room at Svefi's hotel), 3 meals a day and activities included in the study programme during the course. The travel grant and the money covering accommodation, meals etc. are transferred directly to the institution arranging the course. You will receive your travel grant of SEK 3000 directly from the institution arranging the course, i.e. Svefi Academy.

Information about the course:

Target group: University students who have completed at least 3 years of the university studies, i.e. 3-5-year university students  from Belarus, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine studying society related issues and interested in human rights.

Arrival date and course start:
Monday, 15 August 2011
Departure date:
29 August 2011 (the course program is finished at 15.00 on Sunday, 28 August)

Examination: written test covering the content of the whole summer university course

Working language of the course: English

Deadline for application:
15 April 2011

Decision to the applicants:
15 May 2011

Invitation to the participants:
30 May 2011 at the latest.

Prelimenary schedule: (xls-file for downlad) >>

Introduction letter with the main info from this web site: doc-file for download >>

See the texts to the left to find info on Accommodation, travel grants and content of the course.

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